Fretbay’s neutral platform is an online, real-time service that connects a shipper with a moving or transportation company, allowing them to buy and sell transportation services with confidence. Shippers (those who need a transport or delivery service) whether individuals, associations or companies, publish their requests online FREE OF CHARGE in the form of announcements. Carriers (those who offer the transport …

Kitty Party

Kitty Party is an android app for ordering food in the kitty parties. Available for android only so far.

Fretbay IOS App

FretBay is an online transport marketplace that matches quality rated transporters with people looking for transport service providers. Transporters can find loads to optimize their routes and can avoid empty returns by offering their prices to customers, looking for transport for the similar trajects. The clients can publish their demands on platform FREE of cost and can receive offers …

Intelli Maps

Intelli Maps is a mobile base user and manager system, using that you can communicate with your team member without any problems at all. Also it’s very neat and fast app to do such things.